Greek House 

University Grant

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Who Can Apply?

  • Must Be A Current Undergraduate Student
  • Must Attend A University or a Four-Year College
  • Must Study Full-Time on Campus
  • Not Already A Member of Greek House University

Deadline to Apply is October 31st, 2021!

Why We Care

You’re an ambitious college student with big dreams but you still need to eat, have fun, and pay for school. We get it. We were in your shoes not too long ago and we want to help you out! 

Win a $1,000 you can use to help pay for your college experience! 

What is Greek House University?

Greek House University is the entire community of all of our student opportunities! Campus reps, Interns, Influencers, Athletes, etc! They are all members of GHU which helps them gain access to more networking opportunities, events, and job offers!